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Living and Dead 

Another way of bring shock to the viewer is to show them something they don't want to look at or to know about. Something that you do every single day and never think of it as one or where it comes from. 

Living and death No.1 was an experimentation with this new material. Cutting , touching  meat like I am preparing a meal or try to create a creature by putting pieces together .(Click the top left photo)

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m 5.PNG
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The second attempt was more like a surgery and ASMR. The video was been planned to sound like an Asmr because of something that become a part of our routine now.

Little that I know the idea didn't go as planned which is what the video is about. My reaction to the cruelty and the big question why we all do this and why did my grandmother or any grand mother used leftover parts to cook. It is different when you see it on videos; you still watch them and carry on with your life but imagine this was in your face. It haunts you. (Click at the very top right photo to watch the video)

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