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Why did you do it?
Video Performance 
21 November 2019

 My new focus now it conflicts into a public matter. We always come across these conversations and people are not ready to be confronted. 


In this project and new practice, I am inspired by the people in my environment and the media. In the summer of 2019, Cyprus a young girl accused 12 men of a gang-rape that later on came on to be false allegations. It was truly shocking for both ways to think that people will do such a thing to a young girl and for a young girl to make false allegations. Now we don't know exactly what is true or not in a situation like this, although there are still consequences to it. The victims are left with wounds and scars and the predators are shamed of what they have done.

I believe that there are a lot of emotions that the survivors have felt or still feeling, that people that have never been sexually harassed can not understand and only feel empathy. 

Through this video, I tried to place the viewer as the perpetrator and myself as the victim. I used tactics like Bruce Nauman in the "Clown Torture" which used this idea of play in a twisted situation. It is sort of the cartoons that make fun of politicians; that makes it funny but underline that there is a seriousness into it.


The costume is not trying to make fun of the victim but to pull away any concept of objectification or sexualization that may happen if I used any other sort of persona or gender. Using something that is neutral makes it focus on the real issue and the twists.       

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