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To see 


Is been almost a year when she died , it feels so weird going back home and her presence is not there.Let me take you back or at leat tell you a story.

This person didn't feel like a mother figure  to me even though she was taking care of me and my brother as a mother for years until she got sick. The day she started forgetting to take her pills. My name ,my mom's, her brother's name was a struggle to be remembered .

- I know you but I don't know you, I can't remember your name or how do I know you.

The day she started getting aggressive towards us or who ever we tried to hire to take care of her after years of taking shifts me and my dad to make sure she is clean,have food in her stomach and she took her pills on time.

The day that we started locking the doors so she won't run away again cause apparently her home didn't feel like home. The most funny part was we took her out of a walk around our block like dog , as we arrive home the whole escape scene started again within 5 secs. Scary enough it got into the point she started stuffing knifes,sharp objects and tissues for some reason into her bra. Thinking it is a good idea to unlock the door like that or harm someone because they are stopping you to escape.

The day I couldn't take care of her anymore because I have to work on my future. I missed so many things. She suddenly end up being on a wheelchair , legs and arms , her whole body become weaker and weaker. I remember the times where she went into coma countless times of how low her blood sugar was and the condition didn't make it any better. "She is not going to make it " as what the doctor said. But she was strong and she got out of it but it wasn't long enough to happen again. It was a matter of a year to happen again, which knock her down.

You think you are ready when the time comes but oh no! 

 "Hi mum! Hi dad! How are you doing? 

  We are good but your grandmother is not. We are looking for a ticket to come back tomorrow."

Arriving at the hospital, they make you wear this uniform like makes any different to walk in the intensive care.  

"She won't make it" once again we hear this words out of the doctor's mouth.

18 the of February  morning the doctor came with great news that she is doing better . Indeed,she seemed that she was doing better. It was afternoon were we finished shopping we got a call that she died. I can't be in further description of what happened next. 

 This work is dedicated to my grand mother that have passed away a year now. The painting have some elements of a previous art piece I have made that it was again dedicated to my grandmothers death. 


I took the color  and  the  gold with black  parts and created no eye human face. For a while I've been wanting to draw this artificial face; something that black eyes peas' boom boom pow music video have which is the green face.(Example on the right ).  I believe it will take me a long time to learn animation or CGI which I made a request for a workshop but I don't think a lot of people are interested to learn that,so it is something I need to be self-taught.

The image that helped me put the painting together was a random post on Instagram from a tattoo account called harristattoo (Rich Harris) . It was a tattoo of a woman's face facing up  with  plant prints and a bird (Photo below).  The reason why I liked it was because of the angle  of her face its something that I never approach before. 


So I started making the outline and then experiment with the colors and parts of magazines and newspapers on a block of wood. In the photos it's my room that become a chaos of materials and paper. Different colors represent the shading of the face.(The photos below show the process ).

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